WE'Re Glad You're Here 

Let's help you recover

We give you the legal help you need to recover physically, emotionally, and financially from an accident 

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We help get you the care you need to recover




We help you learn what's wrong 

We work with doctors and medical specialists to get you a diagnosis for your injury  


We help people who are suffering from:

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Orthopedic Injuries and Brain Injuries


Psychological InJuries  

Chronic Pain and Other Injuries


We help clients who are hurt in:

- Car Crashes and ICBC claims

- Motorcycle Crashes

- Bicycle Crashes

- Slips and Falls

- Assaults  


Getting to our office:


We are located at:

Suite 470-1650 West 2nd Avenue

Vancouver, BC  

Call: 604-359-0909

Fax: 604-359-0909

Email: assist@recoveryppl.com